Taking it one day at a time... (jodys_wife) wrote in 000free_ipod000,
Taking it one day at a time...

Get an iPhone, Apple Gift Card or CASH FREE!

I know you've probably seen these things all over the place, BUT this one only requires you to complete ONE offer vs. the ones who want you to complete like 3 from one level and 4 from another and 5 from another, etc.

I got the info for this web site from E-Bay:


I'm completing the Gamefly offer, in hopes of getting 12 people who will complete an offer so I can get a $599 Apple Gift Card.

I know a lot of people want an iPhone and/or an Apple Air laptop, so if you chose this gift card would help out! Or hey, get yourself some cash or a free iPhone

If you do sign up, let me know. And hey, if you pass it on to your friends, that's even better!

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